Depth of Field Photographs

D of F – Depth of Field Pictures

Depth of field is where the focal range of the camera is tightly confined to a certain distance. The result of this is to blur everything closer to the camera than the range set as well as everything further away that your desired object.

Setting the depth of field requires two things, a suitable zoom lens and a wide aperture.

The more your lens allows you to open the aperture, the more pronounced your D of F will be and the more blur will be in your images.

In the photo above, the lavender stems nearer than the bee are out of focus, as is the background. It is only the subject that is in focus. This draws the eye to the element of the image that you want people to focus on.

You will find that the more you zoom onto your subject, the more depth you introduce to the image, enhancing the effect further.

If you don’t have a zoom lens you will not be able to create this affect easily….. although there is always someone out there who will beg to differ!

Play around with your camera settings and see what D od F images you can create.