House Building Methods

House Building In Masonry Or Timber Is The Question

Most people in Britain regard bricks and mortar as the traditional house building method, hardly surprising since it has been the most widely employed for the last three hundred or so years, and the vast majority of houses are finished with an external skin of brickwork, regardless of their basic structure.

Timber frame construction has been growing in popularity for some years, in Scotland it is the most popular method of build, and as a construction method, some 70% of people in the developed world live in timber frame housing.

Brick and block construction are in the blood of many of the country’s builders, but both systems have a place in modern house building.

The foundation and excavation of both masonry and timber frame houses are carried out the same, and for the timber frame house footings are normally brought up above ground to damp course level using masonry materials. Because the timber has a Continue reading House Building Methods